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Growing up, I never knew I was going to be an accountant. In school, and being an Air Scout, every single person in the scout troop dreamt of being a pilot…a fighter jet that is. Then, I wanted to become an architect, as I loved playing and building with Legos. I also took up music, wanting to become a musician or play in a rock band. However, none of these really happened.

Anyway, here I am, Financial Controller of Astro Radio. The journey as an accountant started with working as an auditor in a medium sized audit practice in London for just over four years before the call to return home was sounded. Began my career in Malaysia briefly with one of the top audit firms before joining Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd in 1995 as a Finance Executive. A year later, was transferred to Tanjong plc, looking at business development, evaluating business proposals. After three years, the next port of call in the group was Astro and was given the exposure in operational management in a variety of areas within the business.

In 2003, moved to Astro Radio and have enjoyed every single minute in the industry. Radio, is where we move at breakneck speed. I build relationships with people and numbers but most of all; I get to enjoy the best music and entertaining content in the country. I guess I am getting live my dreams, working at Astro Radio.

I am a cricket enthusiast, could not play to save my life though.

You Never Walk Alone.




It's a rap

Let me partake, the facts about Jake
20 years in astro. Now get him a cake!
Started as a dj back in 96
Still hittin the decks cause that’s his fix
Now CEO coz he's got flow
His rhymes are big , like astro radio
A scouser at heart , now that’s his team
And making muscles bulge in the gym




Ramesh, the Chief Content Officer for Astro Radio, joined the company in February 2000 and currently leads a team of over 120 personnel across the areas of Content, News, Production and Research. Ramesh’s primary responsibility is drive the highest standard and quality of Content that is delivered across 9 FM stations, achievement of listenership potential, strategic planning for each brand & the development of the research capabilities of Astro Radio. 

Ramesh majored in Hotel Management and started his career in Singapore with the Shangri-La Group of Hotels. He later returned to KL and joined Federal Hotel International, holding various key positions within the Rooms Division.

His 13 years with Astro Radio has seen him function in the areas of Marketing & Promotions, Programming, News and finally Content Management. Ramesh is driven by a passion for developing people and exciting content. Both areas form the foundation for the Radio business and continue to be the reason for his commitment to raising the quality of Malaysian radio.



Chief Commercial Officer

Beyond’s ‘Wide Open Sky’ and ‘Surangani’ are Jeya’s favorite songs and these two songs are responsible for his foray into the radio industry. Where else can you break into a song without raising one or two eyebrows? His passion for music, his love for anything remotely fun and the dynamic nature of the radio business stirred something inside him like never before and fueled him up to be the Chief Commercial Officer of Astro Radio today.

Jeya’s career kicked off 20 years ago when he joined Bates and later Zenith Media as a media planner but his real calling came when he took on the role of an Advertising Sales Executive at Airtime Management & Programming Sdn Bhd (now known as Astro Radio Sdn Bhd) in 1998. His social and party skills coupled with his thirst for Sales and Advertising drove him to be the best in the business. His contribution to the business was soon recognized by the management and in just 10 short years, he moved on to become the General Manager of Sales for agency business of Astro Radio. This was hardly surprising as he was always committed to deliver the best for his clients and agencies while remaining faithful and devoted to his team and product. In 2016, he was propelled to the top of the food chain as the Chief Commercial Officer of Astro Radio. After 20 years, his passion for his work is still visibly present in each and every campaign that he works on.

Being a sales man at heart, he is never desk bound and comes alive as he steps out of the office... As the saying goes, you can take the man out of sales, but you can never take the sales out of the man!


Bala Murali Subramaney

Chief Technology Officer

Bala is a seasoned broadcast engineering professional with more than 20 years’ experience in planning, design, integration and implementation. He is a results-oriented professional with a proven track record of accomplishments. This can be attributed to his highly diverse engineering knowledge and a propensity to initiate positive change. He also possesses strong business acumen with strengths in translating commercial and functional requirements, to technical specifications, reengineering business processes and defining continuous improvement processes.

Bala holds a Master of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering in Communication & Electronic and Chartered Engineer accreditation from Engineering Council, UK. Bala’s confession: Thanks to my natural inquisitiveness, I once succumbed to my primal need of dismantling radios – in search of tiny singers that I thought was dwelling within! That was way back when. Look where I am now… KEEPING RADIO ALIVE AND KICKING. How’s that for irony? Or as I like to say, “Moments of madness, a lifetime to pay.”


Jayaram Gopinath Nagaraj

Snr. Assistant Vice President, New Media

Jayaram began his journey in Astro Radio at the age of 19 as a Project Leader at Malaysia’s Premier Teen Community, Xfresh.com. After which he went on to produce Malaysia’s “Most Digital” Radio show at the time – the hitz.fm Late Net Show. His stint as producer eventually evolved to taking a leadership role with hitz.fm. As Astro Radio became more focused on digital delivery of Content, Jayaram headed the Digital Department for Astro Radio for 2 years – developing Malaysia’s first Award winning mobile radio apps that streamed all 22 Stations. After his time with Astro Radio Digital, he ventured to become a specialist in Mobile Application Development and Device testing at Maxis Berhad. At Maxis – he worked as lead technical liaison with all smartphone vendors (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Huawei) with regards to device engineering and mobile application development. He then rejoined Astro Radio in May 2013 and has been tasked to transform the digital department into a fully independent commercial and production unit. He now focuses on new technology development and commercial opportunity for clients and advertisers.

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